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Trainer Bios Background and Experience

“I truly take pride in this line of work and look forward to training officers that are seeking membership on a tactical team one day or those who just want to improve their knowledge.
We need those out there that seek to do it, because no one else will.”


-Chris Rangel


Chris Rangel | Founder TAP-UP540

Chris Rangel holds a Master Texas Commission Law Enforcement Peace Officer license. Mr. Rangel is also a TCOLE Certified Police and Firearms Instructor. He has instructed federal, state and local law enforcement officers.  He has also provided instruction to correctional personnel, as well as law enforcement and military officers from agencies and departments located outside the United States.


Mr. Rangel is an expert in executing high-risk arrest warrants for narcotics offenders and dangerous, armed individuals.  His experience includes successfully resolving situations involving barricaded subjects, hostage rescue and suicidal threat scenarios. 

Currently, Chris is a member of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office and S.W.A.T. team, where he has been employed for over 22 years. He currently resides in his hometown of San Antonio and is married with one son.

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